Welcome in my Website!




I was born in South of France, in Provence near the sea where i grow up. I leaved in America and Germany also for some years and i worked as a therapist after being a student.

Now i live in France, in the Alpes de Haute-Provence, where i enjoy my life in this beautiful area, surrendered by mountains and wilderness life.

My work as a therapist is beased on helping beings to come back in contact with their Source, they inner Power, Strenght and Love.

I have many techniques which i have learned and which i use in a session but also with my deep intuition, experience and compassion to guide my dear clients.

Each session is manifesting in a profound state of Presence, where we can together look, share, identify, feel, receive the guidance for healing and transformation. And finaly experiencing being home again, in the heart in a state of Love. Our trough Essence.

I am so gratuful to Welcome you and to support you.