Energiology is the study and the understanding of the vital energy in our world, in all its forms. Through inner sight, the energiologist is able to see the shifting of energy volumes inside the body as well as the causes of their separation. His glance recreates the field's unity and restores health.

The therapist in Energiologie is capable to see, inside the matter, the subtil reality of objects and people. By closing his  eyes, the therapist in Energiologie can see the energetic reality of all forms.


Energiologie is a therapie which is bases on that specific vision of looking inside the body by masking the physical apparence and concentrate on his energetic image.

The causes of our illnesses:
What is deforming our subtil body, are  all the different  traumas or shocks in our life with also all the emotionnal disorders. Thoses imbalances are creating an unhealthy body and diseases.
The therapist in Energiologie will bring back the energetic order and release the circulation of the vital energy sytem. This will have a healing impact on the physical body and the health of the patient.
Individual session in the praxis : 1hour 15mn


For more informations,  visit the website: : www.energiologie.com